These are some of the comments we have received since we began distributing these test. We would really appreciate your comments and would love to post them to this page. I will not disclose your city or phone number so that you are not besieged by phone calls but I will update this page on occasion. I look forward to your participation!

Pat Hannimax from Ohio says:

“Thank you so much for these tests! These have been so helpful in finding my last Secretary, who is doing a wonderful job since I hired her. Why do you sell them so cheap?”

Robert Burke from Florida says:

“I just used two of your tests in the recent hiring of my bookkeeper for Quickbooks. It was amazing! The person I thought I would hire after the initial interview scored last in both of the tests. I honestly believe these tests saved me from making a major and costly mistake. Thank you again.”

Nancy Corrigan from New York says:

“My Staffing Company is using your tests to hire mainly Medical associates for our Customers. We used to use xxxxxx but tried your tests and found them just as effective at half of the price! Thank You and keep up the good work.”

Sara Riddle from Illinois says:

“My CPA firm used your Design your own skills tests to help a client hire for a very specialized position. We could not have accomplished this without this tool. We also use the combined online skills test a great deal. Thank You!

John Haverty from California says:

“My company recently used your tests to hire two new employees. One was a bookkeeping assistant and one was an office manager we needed to have extensive Excel experience. I want to tell you that I believe these are tools every company should have in their arsenal to sort out the vast number of applicants that seem to be applying for each job. Thanks!”

Mike Grogan from Michigan says:

“My Law Firm has hired two new employees using your tests and the results have been very satisfactory. I look forward to the new test you are writing for us.”