This feature allows our customers to include a code in an automated email response which along with the URL of your remote custom testing web site requests each applicant to take a test in order to pre-qualify for an open position. The results are then tabulated and the administrator knows instantly which of the applicants are qualified. For example, let’s say you place an ad in the newspaper or on Craigslist for a Secretary, and assume you would like the applicants to have three skills, telephone etiquette, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. You receive 156 responses from your ad and you send them an automated reply sending them to your online testing web site and giving them a code which tells the site which test to administer. You receive test results for 89 of the applicants and after ranking them you read the resumes of the top 15 and decide to interview 6 of them. What a time saver! You have cut your review time by 90%. WOW! This is a fantastic option that no other company has available.