Saves Money – Do they have the Skills they claim? By pre-testing online, you will know up front the skills they possess and each new hire will have a much higher Retention Rate. This saves the Money it cost to go through the process of re-hiring and the re-training of another new employee. Cost can be as little as $4.95 each test.
Saves Time – By narrowing the field. With the technology of today combined with the economic times, you are probably having more applicants for employment than ever. You can narrow the field by testing applicants online for basic skills even before they come for an interview.Tests are a tremendous Time Saver.
Compare Knowledge Base – There are many factors involved in the hiring decision. If you have more than one Candidate that appears very qualified it can be a difficult decision. A very easy way to separate them is to compare their knowledge base. There is always more than one skill required for each position and with our online skills testsystem you can give multiple tests to check each required skill.
Stay in Compliance – EEOC Compliance See Design, Compliance and Validation
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1) Purchase Tests – From three tests to an Unlimited amount as low as $4.95 each. See Pricing Section.
2) Register Online – The Test Site now looks like your own Site with Your Name in the Header.
3) Immediate Results – After an online test is completed the results are sent immediately to your e-mail.
4) Report Section – You will have access to online reports for all information about all candidates, all tests given by your company and all other company information. Everything is password protected.


We have three options available to you:
1) Purchase by the Test – As low as $4.95see-details
2) Unlimited Number of Tests – As low as $39.95see-details
3) Design Your own Custom Testsee-details


Let’s talk some straight facts, Skills testing is important in hiring a new employee, but it is not the only factor and probably not even the most important one!Everyone has different requirements for hiring, but there are probably 8 to 10 criteria that you use to hire a new person. Another thing, there are anywhere between 25 to 40 questions in most tests that are offered by most of our competitors. How different can these be? Isn’t the main purpose of a test to compare the relative knowledge of the applicants? If not, it should be! Everyone expects the 40 perfect questions but are there really 40 perfect questions? What we are saying is that as long as the tests are created by experts there really not that much difference from one to the other. So why are they so EXPENSIVE?

We really did not see a reason for the overly expensive tests so we decided to start our own Company and Online Employment Test LLC was born to provide reasonable online test pricing.We took the best attributes of all of our competition and wanted them to be our standard. So we included all of the following:

1) Great selection of skills tests – But do you really need 32 or even 41 Excel tests like some of our competitors use? Answer No
2) Great quality of tests – By qualified and experienced experts from all over the world. These are used to compare the relative knowledge of your applicants.
3) EEOC complaint (See Test Design)
4) Combined test – This is the ability to tests for multiple skills with one test. There are very few positions today that only require one skill set. Why not test for them all? (See Combined Test)
5) Design your own tests – here are many times when you may have a very unique need or proprietary questions that you need to ask. This is the Way to do it.(See Design your own tests)
Then we decided to go further to be the best. So we asked questions and found other features that you wanted and we are delivering. None of our competition that we know of has the following features:
1) Self Registered Remote Testing – In today’s market there are more and more applicants for each position. It takes time to separate them. Why not check there skills level first and only concentrate on the qualified applicants? With our system you can automatically send any tests of skills you need to 100 or 200 applicants and then only review the top 10 or 15 who you know are qualified! (See Self Registered Tests)
2) Free Logo and Header – We allow all of our customers to place there own Logo and Page header on our remote test site so that it looks like your our own private test site! All at no cost!
3) Lowest Prices – We have the lowest prices in the industry because that is why we got into the business. Skill testing is too expensive! Why pay $30, $40 even $50 per test? (See Pricing)
4) Guaranteed Lowest Prices – we will match or beat any price from any legitimate competitor (See Lowest Price Guarantee)